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Transferring To Manhattan College

Deciding to transfer is a big decision. No matter the reason you are transferring, our caring faculty and staff will work hard to make sure you'll succeed here. In fact, we host a welcome orientation specifically for transfer students and 95% of our transfer students receive financial aid.

Important items to consider when transferring to Manhattan College include:

  • If you have graduated from high school and completed any course work at a two- or four-year college/university, you will apply as a transfer student.
  • Housing is available for transfer applicants.

Explore Manhattan College

  • Meet Transfer Students

    Learn more about how easy it is to transfer to Manhattan College from students who have completed the process.
  • Meet Manhattan

    This is a place where your life changes and you become who you’re meant to be. Discover all Manhattan College has to offer.
  • Veterans Welcome

    Manhattan College earned the Military Friendly gold designation, receiving high marks for its Veterans Success programs.


For any additional questions about applying for admission to Manhattan College as a transfer student, please contact a transfer counselor.