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Tuition & Fees

Your dreams and career goals are important to you. At Manhattan College, they’re important to us, too.

We work to keep our costs manageable year after year, offering you an excellent education at an affordable price to help you succeed in life.

  • Graduate Tuition & Fees

    2020-21 Tuition Rates

    description cost per credit
    Graduate Education and Health per credit $1,010
    Graduate Engineering per credit $1,150
    Graduate Business per credit $1,180
    Graduate Science per credit $1,150
    Graduate School of Continuing and Professional Studies per credit $930
    Tuition per credit for undergraduate prerequisite courses $1,070
    Graduate Business-Bridge Courses for Non-Majors (summer rate) per credit $440


    description cost
    Registration Fee per term $110
    Information Services Fee (resident surcharge) per term $180
    Information Services Fee School of Business (enrolled in 5 credits+) $200
    Information Services Fee School of Education & Health (enrolled in 5 credits+) $200
    Information Services Fee School of Engineering (enrolled in 5 credits+) $175
    Information Services Fee School of Science (enrolled in 5 credits+) $175
    Information Services Fee School of Continuing and Professional Studies (enrolled in 5 credits+) $175
    Residency Security Deposit/Dorm Damage Deposit (one-time deposit) $300
    Student Health Insurance** $2,625
    Non-Matriculation Fee     $210
    Returned check charge (per item) $25

    Graduation Fee (charged per degree/certificate program)

    *The graduation fee is paid by all graduating students whether or not they participate in commencement*

    Off-campus courses transfer credit $170
    Deferral Fee (optional financing tool), per semester $100
    Transcript (per copy) $5
    Late payment charge (per month on overdue balance) 1%

    ** Student Health Insurance will be assessed to all international students, resident students and students participating in intercollegiate athletics.  The charge can be waived if proof of existing comparable coverage is submitted and approved by the insurance provider.  If you have not waived the MC-SHIP health insurance coverage for the Fall & Spring 2020-2021 academic year, you will see a charge of $2,625 on your statement for the health insurance plan ($1,525 if enrolled Spring only). For more information on whether your student status places you under the health insurance mandate and for information and deadlines for the online waiver/enrollment process, please visit: