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New York City Photo-Lab Program

New York City Photo-Lab is an experiential class that invites participants to develop and refine their visual composition skills, expand their sense of light, and improve their photographic practice in one of the world's most vibrant cities. Participants will develop a heightened sensitivity to their surroundings while photographing in a neighborhood within New York’s five boroughs. Discussions cover research, building confidence and trust, intention, feelings, illumination, camera operation, compositional tools, aesthetics, collaboration, improvisation, and effective workflow and editing. Students should come prepared with their own digital or analog cameras; all other materials will be provided.

New York City Location

New York City offers participants unique opportunities to interact with individuals and locations at the heart of worldwide performing arts.

Program Dates

This program is only offered to high schools or higher education institutions (HEI) with a minimum of 12 students. If you are a school or HEI and would like your students to participate in this program, email us at This program is offered all year, and our team will discuss a date that works for your group.


$2,100 per participant

Housing (optional)

Includes Double/double room with shared bathroom in dorm-style location. And local public transportation (MTA subway and bus). A homestay option is also available.

For international participants that require a visa to enter the U.S., you must have a valid B2 (tourist visa) to participate in this program (we do not sponsor visas for this program).