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NYC Broadway Performing Arts & Production

In Collaboration with Go Broadway logo

This performing arts program integrates master classes and discussions with professional Broadway artists/staff members to learn about musical theater and production. With visits to renowned performance locations, the program offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to enjoy classic Broadway shows and experience different creative forms.

Participants are also trained by professional art performers and staff in drama, film, and TV. On graduation day, participants may perform a scene from a musical in a group or individually. 

This program includes theater talkbacks, backstage tours, and visits to iconic performing and rehearsal spaces used by professionals.

We offer a two-week version of this program in collaboration with Go-Broadway.

For information, group rates, and registration, email 

Program Versions

Entry Level Program: Become the artist everyone wants to work with. Access online programs and masterclasses from an online platform to watch whenever and wherever you want. This is an entry-level program and could be taken before the New York Teen or the New York Professional programs. For information and more about tuition, click here.

New York Teen Program, for 13-18 years old with 24/7 adult supervision. The program dates are Group One: JUL 17 - JUL 28, 2022, Group Two: JAN 30 - FEB 10, 2023. For information and more about tuition, click here

New York Professional Program, for 19 and up. The program dates are Group One: JAN 30 - FEB 10, 2023, Group Two: 
JUN 5 - JUN 16, 2023. For information and more about tuition, click here

For international participants that require a visa to enter the U.S., you must have a valid B2 (tourist visa) to participate in this program (we do not sponsor visas for this program).


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