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Undergraduate Research

project description project poster
A study that examined the stress experienced by tree branches as a function of their geometry, and snow and wind loading. Stress Analysis of Tree Branches Under Static and Dynamic Loads Using Three- Dimensional Scanner and Finite Element Model
Neck loads experienced by an infant when the child’s head slumps forward after falling asleep, and the effect on the trachea. Neck Loading of a Child in a Car Seat
Development of a brace used to promote the muscle memory in a woman’s leg to engender correct jumping practices to prevent ACL injuries. Prophylactic Knee Brace
The study of accelerations experienced by women lacrosse players and the resulting stresses produced within the brain. Concussions in Women's Lacrosse
Redesign of the Jaipur knee for developing country use where the system is more stable and can lock. Design of Lower Leg Prosthesis
Computer modeling of red blood cell movement within a capillary and comparison to experimental data. Numerical Simulation of Capillary Flow
Development of a instrumentation system that allows acceleration data to be collected from a crash test dummy to study shaken baby syndrome. Shaken Baby Syndrome
A study of drug delivery rates as a function delivery system geometry and non-Newtoniam fluid properties. Study of the Effect of Rheological Properties of High-Concentration Protein Solutions on the Injectability of Protein Therapeutics
Redesign of a walking frame to minimise lower backpain while maintaining system stability and operation. Walking Frame Design