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Graduate Research

Project Description  Project poster
An experimental study of how a pulsing fluid flows through a flexible tube, thereby simulating blood flow . Modeling Pulsatile Flow at the Bifurcation point of an artery
A computer model developed to study the loads experience by the knee when a knee brace is used. A Modeling and Experimental Study to Optimize the Performance of a Knee Brace
Development of a device to measure the degree of flexibility of a knee after surgery. The Design of an Objective Knee Laxity Measurement Device
A fluid-solid interaction analysis of blood flow with respect to the formation of aneurysms. Fluid-Structure Analysis on the Effects of Blood Flow Dynamics on Aneurysm Formation
A study of the degree to which a high concentration protein solution can be injected with regard to cancer treatments. Numerical Investigation of the Injectability of High Concentration Protein Solutions
Analysis of the effects of blood flow dynamics and fluid-solid interaction in the case of Marfan syndrome. Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of the Effects of Blood Flow Dynamics on Aneurysm Formation with Marfan Syndrome
Design and analysis of an aid to improve the muscle memory associated with writing for a child with Down’s syndrome. Biodynamics Associated with Writing for a Child with Disabilities