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Conferences And Journals

All of these projects require students to generate posters, reports, and presentations. It provides them with a realistic professional experience in research. A number of these projects have appeared in internationally recognized conferences and journals.

Students' Publications

  • The Mechanical and Electrical Performance of a Motorized Car Seat

    Screensot of PDF page with graphics for neck loading child.
    It has been shown that outside of a car crash scenario infants and young children can be exposed to many hazardous situations if left sitting in a car seat. Researchers have tied sleeping in a car seat to hyperextension of neck muscles, oxygen deprivation, or even positional asphyxia. To address this issue the present research involved creating a three-dimensional model of the head, neck, spine, and trachea of a twoyears-old toddler. Read the full conference publication here.
  • Study of a Woman Athlete‚Äôs Knee to Prevent Valgus

    Screenshot of PDF for Prophylactic Knee Brace
    After the introduction of Title IX, a federal law prohibiting discrimination based on gender, the number of women involved in high school and collegiate level sports has significantly increased. Increasing the number of female athletes has a direct correlation with the amount of injuries experienced by these women. One of the most common injuries to female athletes is a sprain or a tear in the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) located in the knee. Read the full conference publication here.