Organizational Leadership - Accelerated M.S.

Successful organizations require inspirational leaders to provide vision and guidance toward a better tomorrow. The M.S. in organizational leadership program helps working professionals develop a leadership plan tailored to individual style, strengths, and goals to advance personally and professionally.

Why Choose Organizational Leadership?

The M.S. in organizational leadership is a program that is specifically designed for working professionals, in a highly structured format. As a graduate student in the organizational leadership program, you will collaborate and advance with a cohort, with support from faculty facilitators. Organizational Leadership program takes what you bring to the table and uses that information to tailor its organizational leadership program to you.

The program has developed learning experiences that foster:

  • Developing a custom assessment to identify the individual’s professional growth areas.
  • Personalize development plans that evolve throughout the program
  • Practical capstone project where you’ll apply your leadership skills to a real-world organization.

As student progress throughout their courses, they will have established:

  • A personal brand 
  • Track record as a proven leader
  • Gain experience bringing high-value solutions to organizations

Courses graduate students will explore are:

  • Ethics and spirituality in the workplace
  • Communication and coaching essentials
  • Collaborative project management
  • Leading across cultural and global boundaries

Hybrid Classes

In and outside of class you will learn to build upon your existing professional experience and discover how to best leverage proven leadership principles that can advance your career.

All hybrid courses are offered in the evenings to accommodate our full time working professionals, between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., or weekends from 9:00-1:00pm. The course also has the online component which allows students the flexibility to interact with peers and faculty outside of a classroom setting.

Online Courses

Courses are offered hybrid or online. Whether you are in the classroom, or on your computer, you will have one on one time with your professors, who are established professionals in consulting, business communication and coaching and workforce development. You will get the chance to work on small-group projects and computer-based exercises with classmates through an engaging virtual learning platform.

The Experience

Benefit from the diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives of your peers and your professors. Together, you will analyze complex, real-world organizational problems and devise practical solutions.

The program culminates with an opportunity to apply your leadership skills as a consultant for a real-world organization. You will identify problem areas, propose solutions and initiate a plan for sustainable change. Past cohorts have:

  • Established a growth strategy that would maintain the ethics and culture of an education start-up, as it grew larger
  • Created a transition plan for an analytics company that faced culture shock with a coming merger
  • Built evaluation and feedback procedures for a workforce training company

What Will You Learn?

By the completion of the program you will:

  • Strengthen verbal and written communication skills as well as interpersonal relations 
  • Lead and participate effectively in small and large group settings
  • Determine ways to achieve maximum organizational effectiveness including planning, problem-solving, and decision-making
  • Devise tools and techniques to address the culturally diverse organization
  • Develop an approach to lead ethical organizational behavior

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What Will You Do?

Employers search for leaders that are skilled communicators and problem solvers. With an advanced degree, you will increase your lifetime earning potential and the likelihood of promotions and other professional opportunities.


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