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Manhattan College Senate

The Manhattan College Senate, first convened in 1972, is the formal and official voice of the College community. It is a college-wide body, representing all facets of campus life and comprised of students, faculty, administration, staff and alumni. It deals with matters of College-wide concern.

Membership and Committees

The Senate is comprised of 28 members:

  • 9 from the student population
  • 11 from the faculty
  • 5 from the administration
  • 2 from the staff
  • 1 from alumni

Any student wishing to become a senator must be elected so in elections coordinated by Student Government. For more information, contact Student Government at

The Senate has four standing committees:

  • Agenda Committee
  • Educational Affairs Commission
  • Campus Life Committee
  • Resources Commission


There are four officers of the Senate: the speaker, two deputy speakers and the secretary. The speaker and deputy speakers, each elected for one academic year, must represent the students, faculty and administration. The secretary, elected for one academic year, can come from any constituency.