2023 Summer Research

This summer, more than 50 students participated in the Jaspers Summer Research Scholars Program. Their projects ranged from social media and anxiety to cross-cultural linguistic exchange

The entire College community is invited to attend the summer research scholars conference on September 28-29 on the fifth floor of Kelly Commons, where students will present their research findings in person.

Manhattan College provides many opportunities and resources for faculty and students interested in participating in research. The office of Grants Administration helps faculty secure funding from a variety of sources including government grants and sponsored research opportunities. The Center for Graduate School and Fellowship Advisement helps students understand the importance of undergraduate research experience in preparation for graduate school and fellowship applications.
  • Lower Extremity Injuries in Irish Dancing

    Emily Grace performing Irish Step Dancing
    School of Health Professions

    Emily Grace ’24 an exercise science major, puts what she learns in the classroom into her daily life. While competing in Irish Step Dancing competetions she researched how lower extremity injuries can be prevented. 

    Emily recently competed in nationals and placed as third in the nation. 

  • An Embedded Network-on-Chip Architecture

    male student sitting at a computer
    School of Engineering

    Computer engineering major Dmitri Lyalikov ’24 and professor Wafa Elmannai, Ph.D., are designing a novel System on Chip architecture to accelerate real time deep learning tasks in both hardware and software. 

  • Anxiety and Social Media during COVID-19

    two students and professor in a lab with stair climbing wheel chair
    School of Liberal Arts
    Amaya Behsman ’25 an english major researched health anxiety and social media usage that may have occurred during isolation period of the COVID-19 pandemic. She looked into six fitness influencers and their Instagram and TikTok platforms from August 2019 to February 2022 to interpret the messages that each influencer shares about health, fitness, and beauty.
  • Cross-Cultural Linguistic Exchange

    female student standing outside of the library
    School of Liberal Arts
    As a Psychology and Spanish double major Emilia O'Neill ’23 analyzed the cognitive and executive functioning of bilinguals compared to monolinguals, in an attempt to support and emphasize the continued efforts in increasing the linguistic and cultural exchanges within our society. 
  • Establishing the Phylogenetic Position of Azorella colensoi Using Historical DNA and Portable Genomic Sequencing

    male student working in the lab
    School of Science
    Biology major Kughan Gunaratnam ’24 and Dr.Antoine Nicolas worked together this summer to find the best DNA Extraction method that can be used to extract good quality DNA from historial plant samples. They focussed on comparing methods that break plant cell walls. 
  • Knee Brace and ACL Injuries

    Male student and professor showing knee brace for ACL injuries
    School of Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering Matthew Mauriello ’25 developed a knee brace for safer athletic training, mainly to prevent ACL tears, by analyzing knee movements and their impact on ACL tearing.
By Melissa Battaglia