Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center Opens on Campus

The Center will foster research, scholarship, and student discussion about gender, sexuality and embodiment within the Lasallian tradition.

Female students looking at literatureManhattan College’s opening of its Women Gender and Resource Center (LWGRC) signals a commitment to combine resources, support, and advocacy for students having experiences related to gender, sexuality, including sexual assault prevention and gender justice.

In response to student advocacy, the Center is designed as a site of collaboration and solidarity between students, faculty, and the Student Life division, as well as our broader campus, Lasallian and Bronx communities.

“Our purpose is to centralize resources and create an intentional space and community for students grappling with issues related to gender, sexuality, gender-based violence, and other embodiment issues, as well as to foster research, scholarship, and other tools for thinking about gender, sexuality, and embodiment within the Lasallian tradition,” says Jordan Pascoe, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy and co-coordinator of the center with Roksana Badruddoja, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology. “The questions we've been asking are questions raised by students, and our goal is to keep the Center student-driven in this way.”

The Center officially opened on Friday, October 19 in room 3C of the Kelly Commons, which will serve as the Center’s physical space, and was designed by students.

"I wish this came about my freshman year," said Katherine Rojas '19, a native of Miami, Fla. "Dr. Badruddoja helped create this opportunity for us and it's been empowering for all of us."

A daylong symposium showcased the Center's commitment to helping provide students the tools to succeed throughout college.

Kerry Brodie, founder and executive director of Emma's Torch, kicked off the day's programming by discussing her non profit restaurant in Brooklyn that provides culinary training and job placement services to refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking. Emma's Torch was named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Greatest Places in the World in 2018.

Following Brodie's talk were several panel discussions focused on different topics, including navigating one's career path, the intersection of feminism, race and advocacy, impostor syndrome, and why Manhattan College has established the center.

"I'm glad to be here when this center exists," says Sydney Collins '22, from Bloomfield, N.J. "I'm interested in more equality for everyone and hoping to develop my leadership skills here."

Through its range of resources, the center strives to connect students, faculty, staff and administrators, and support individuals in the LGBTQ community. The center will work closely with a variety of offices and resources across campus, while engaging and playing a vital role in the Lasallian mission of the College.

For more information about the Women and Gender Resource Center, email or stop by room 3C of the Kelly Commons.

By MC Staff