The Top 5 Things All Manhattan College Students Should Know

From Yelping the greatest slice of New York City pizza near campus to balancing your academic and extracurricular interests.

We all know them ─ the Manhattan College students who always have intel on where the best campus events are happening, can reel off the tastiest menu items at Riverdale restaurants, and who never miss an important group study session or e-mail alert. They’ve got Jasper life down to a science.

How do they do it? We asked administrators, resident assistants, orientation and student club leaders in our community, who identified the top five things all Manhattan College students need to know to be successful.

  • 1. Turn On Your Gmail Notifications

    person holding iPhone
    Never miss a beat! You get lots of important notifications sent to your college Gmail throughout the semester ─ course information from professors, campus alerts, daily announcements, and more. Syncing this account with your smartphone ensures that news is delivered as quickly as possible, keeping you up to speed in the classroom and around the Quad, too.
  • 2. Scout a Cozy Study Spot

    image of students studying in library
    The fourth floor of O’Malley Library, nearby off-campus coffee shop Mon Amour (which, psst: also is home to some of the area’s greatest coffee on a budget), Café 1853, and the top floor of Leo Hall, are great locations to reference study materials before an upcoming exam. In Kelly Commons, room 3A is a designated student study space and can be booked year-round on the College calendar. During final exam periods, additional rooms are also made available as study spaces. At any given time throughout the day, students can also be found reviewing coursework on the building’s ground floor, where an expansive seating area and Starbucks provide the ideal setting for group work and individual study time.
  • 3. Get Involved

    student at club fair
    Manhattan College has all kinds of clubs and organizations for students to join on campus. Whether your interest is in having a voice in student government, finding other video gamers, or to connect with others who share your cultural identity, it’s all here for you to take advantage of. We also have 19 NCAA Division I teams that you can support throughout the year.
  • 4. Stay Balanced

    two students working together
    It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed from time to time! There are several resources on campus to help you manage your academic requirements, cocurricular and extracurricular involvements, and everything in between. Visit our Center for Academic Success, Counseling Center, Women and Gender Resource Center, or schedule a time to meet with a faculty member you trust. Also, check the College calendar  yoga classes offered several times a month, and during exam periods, are designed to further alleviate stress. 
  • 5. Eat Local

    image of food on table
    There is an abundance of tasty and affordable food options in Riverdale, just a stone’s throw from campus. In the mood for homemade pita and falafel? Look no further than Greek Express. Head to Salvatore’s of Soho for that perfect New York City slice. For dessert, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is sprawling with flavors and toppings, depending on your sweets craving.