Engineering Undergraduates Invited to Present at MIT Technology Conference

A paper co-written by Kevin Lynch ’17 and Joseph Majeski ’16 is the result of the Jasper Summer Research Scholars program.

Electrical engineering students Kevin Lynch ’17 and Joseph Majeski ’16 will present an original paper at the 2016 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference (URTC). Held from Nov. 4-6 on the MIT campus, this prestigious conference will bring together undergraduates around the world to present, discuss and develop solutions to advance technology for humanity.

Co-authored by George Giakos, Ph.D., professor of electrical and computer engineering, the paper “Lung Cancer Tissue Samples Discrimination through Statistical Analysis of Polarimetric Angular-Resolved Diffuse Measurements” demonstrates the development of an efficient in-vitro technique to detect cancer in lung tissue. Their findings can be applied towards the further enhancement of the image quality of imaging systems and devices in the areas of digital pathology and imaging of margins.

“Essentially, we were taking polarized light and applying them to normal tissue, pre-carcinoma, stage one carcinoma,” Lynch said of his work with Giakos. “From there, we applied statistics in variance to try and enhance discrimination of the different samples because one of the biggest problems with [pathology] today is that you can’t discriminate in these early stages.”

Giakos is chair and professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and director of the graduate program. As the 2014 recipient of the IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award, he is a recognized leader in strengthening links between industry, government and academia. His collaboration with students was made possible by Manhattan College’s Jasper Summer Research Scholars program, which offers a stipend to select students to pursue on-campus summer research with faculty advisers.

And as part of the program, Lynch recently presented a portion of the work to the campus community during the Research Scholars Presentation Day on Sept. 23.

“Kevin has been an outstanding student,” Giakos said at the event. “He worked very hard, he came to his own conclusions. Congratulations to him. We’ve developed a number of good, high-quality peer-reviewed papers — congratulations and compliments to the College for introducing the [Summer] Research Scholars program.”

By Sarah Schwartz