Business Analytics Intern Develops Global Strategy

Marketing major Getanjali “Gigi” Morel ’14 finds foreign markets for industry magnate.

In an age where big data is king, marketing and business analytics major Getanjali “Gigi” Morel ’14 has the insight and creativity to elucidate the information and devise a strategy for success. In fact, she’s already created international market briefs for homemaking mogul Martha Stewart.

As an international business intern at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Morel aided in the publishing, licensing and merchandising segments of the company from October 2013 to March 2014. 

She discovered the opportunity through LinkedIn, and applied directly through the networking platform, avoiding the company’s website application altogether. After a few emails and a phone interview, it was just a matter of weeks before she began her part-time internship in the midtown Manhattan offices.

With the help of a supervisor, it was Morel’s responsibility to delve into the household item spending habits in China, Korea, Germany and Australia, sifting through piles of data often in several different languages.

“Everyday I had a new task that kept me on my feet,” Morel says. “I did tons of research on potential international markets and composed brief comparatives/presentations for my supervisor to further discuss in her meetings with Martha Stewart.”

In the future, she hopes to add her talents to a research consulting firm, focusing on both qualitative and quantitative information in consumer research.

“It was a really good experience,” Morel says of the challenging position. “Ultimately, I loved the work, the creativity I had to bring to the job and the ability to work independently.”


By Sarah Schwartz