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LIFT: Lasallians in Faith Together

Students make a Lasallian star with their fingers.

The Lasallians in Faith Together (LIFT) program encompasses all of the student retreats at Manhattan College. Spiritual retreats take place both on and off campus. While each one is uniquely themed, all offer the chance to get to know your peers, reflect in faith and take time for quiet contemplation.

Our retreats include:

  • Urban Plunge is open to the entire student body and involves a weekend of community service in Camden, NJ.
  • Lasallian Collegians Retreat is open to all students who wish to better understand the College's Lasallian heritage.
  • CRS Student Ambassadors Retreat, required for all current members of the CRS Student Ambassadors program, includes reflections, group work and training.
  • LIFT KairosManhattan's hallmark retreat program, has to be experienced to be believed. It's open to all students looking to reflect on their relationship with God, self and others.

How to Join

LIFT is open to students of all faith backgrounds and experiences. Student clubs, organizations and teams are also welcome to join a retreat program. Learn more at the biannual activities and volunteer fair which happens at the start of each fall and spring semester, and look for emails with information and application deadlines, as well as special events on campus throughout the year. Or contact the LIFT coordinator, Conor Reidy, at