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Giving Tuesday

For the seventh consecutive year, Manhattan College joins the Giving Tuesday movement on November 29, 2022. Please consider donating to one or more of the areas listed below. Your gift matters and no amount is too small.

November 29, 2022: Goals

This year, one of our goals is to increase recurring gifts, which:

  • eliminates writing checks
  • saves precious natural resources
  • ensures the College a monthly income that provides resources and helps fund programs  

Thank you for your generosity and loyalty to Manhattan! Go Jaspers.

  • Fund for Manhattan

    an image of two male students looking at computer screen together
    The Fund for Manhattan provides financial aid for our deserving young men and women, the fund also enriches student services and activities.

    Give to the Fund for Manhattan.

  • Christian Brothers Scholarship

    an image of woman smiling in classroom

    The Christian Brothers Scholarship offers financial assistance to economically disadvantaged students for whom St. John Baptist de La Salle founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

    Give to the Christian Brothers Scholarship.

  • Higgins Engineering and Science Center

    an image of the higgins engineering and science center

    The Higgins Engineering and Science Center is a three-story facility that will modernize the facilities supporting the College’s engineering and science programs.

    Give to the Higgins Center.