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Fall Open House

We are excited to welcome you to join us this fall where you will discover everything Manhattan College has to offer.

Our virtual Fall Open House programs will provide a wide array of sessions and opportunities to engage with our faculty, staff and students. Register now to attend Open House on November 15th.

During Open House you will have the chance to:

  • Start your day with a special welcome from President O’Donnell
  • Participate in live academic breakout sessions with deans and faculty from each School
  • Learn about the 100+ student run clubs and organizations on campus in a virtual fair
  • Meet with current students and alumni
  • Speak with our Admissions and Financial Aid experts

More opportunities to discover Manhattan College

When you register for Open House we will also keep you updated on all of the unique opportunities and events that are being planned for you this Fall. There is much more to come!

See our campus visit page for information about virtual and in-person information sessions and campus tours, and check out our special events.

Visit Campus

Register today to reserve your spot at Open House

Sunday, November 15

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


* Money's annual ranking of the most transformative colleges in America.