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Campus Updates

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Why Camino?

Manhattan College's Camino Program provides native Spanish-speaking students the ability to improve English language skills while earning an associate's degree in general studies. 

Program Highlights

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) faculty for the first two semesters
  • Small group classes with individual attention
  • Intensive English support
  • Full time schedule with flexibility
  • Academic coaching
  • Tutoring and study groups

Upon successfully graduating with the associate’s degree, the student will have the opportunity to transfer into a bachelor's degree program at Manhattan College.

Mission Statement

The Camino Program at Manhattan College is an academically based two-year associate’s degree program in general studies designed to provide academic support and resources to native Spanish-speaking students. The Camino program keeps with the Manhattan College mission of providing contemporary, person-centered, and faith-based educational experiences that will provide the students an opportunity to progress and enrich their lives.

Inspired by the five core principles of Lasallian tradition, faith in the presence of God, respect for all people, quality education, inclusive community, and concern for the poor and social justice the Camino Program enhances the lives of a diverse population by providing a rigorous liberal arts education. Camino prepares its graduates to continue for a bachelor degree by providing dynamic and innovative education while keeping with tradition.