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Info for Parents

We welcome you and your Jasper to the Manhattan College family! We know that, as parents and guardians, you’ve been key to your child’s developmental success thus far. Now we’re here to help them even further. The information we share here is designed to make it easier to support your children as they begin the transition to college students. Our goal is to make you aware of all the great opportunities available to your children as they begin this new and exciting chapter in their lives.

  • Orientation 2024: Information for parents and guardians
  • Financial Aid: Assists families seeking resources to help with tuition costs
  • Understanding FERPA: Federal law that protects the privacy of students and their educational records
  • Academic Calendar: Complete with important dates including exams, holidays, etc. 
  • Manhattan Monthly: Keep up with all the campus news, events and information you need to know about in this handy newsletter published each spring and fall.
  • What Makes Manhattan College Special: Information for parents and guardians
  • Family Weekend is a great time to come visit the Jasper community and see your student! From family-friendly shows to home athletic events, the weekend is packed with fun activities for all. Scheduled for September 23 - 24, 2023, Family Weekend is a great timemore details will be available as we get closer to the event.

How to help your student succeed: 4 Tips for Parents

Some students may find the transition from high school to college a challenging one. That’s why encouragement from parents, family and friends is a critical factor in student success. Some tips to help your child along: 

  • Check in. And often: Give them a call or shoot them a text. Even if it is just leaving a message, let them hear your voice. When talking with them ask open-ended questions, like “what is your favorite class and why?”
  • Ask the right questions: Ask questions that will prompt your student to really share about their new lifestyle. For instance, ask: “What are some challenges you are facing?” “When is your next big paper due or your first test?” etc. Simply ask a few questions to help them realize that you care and you are not trying to be overly nosy. 
  • Encourage them to take advantage of college resources: At Manhattan, we are committed to student success and offer a wide variety of programs and services to ease their transition to college life and thrive — both academically and socially.
  • Watch for red flags: You should start to get concerned if your student stops returning your texts or provides evasive answers to your questions. You should also be concerned if your student appears to be sick or ill. If you notice any unusual trends or these red flags, encourage your student to seek resources or to contact their advisor. 

Counseling Center 

The Counseling Center offers a wide range of services to full-time undergraduate students, including short term individual therapy, groups, crisis intervention, substance abuse screenings, consultation, psychological education and referrals. Our clinicians are licensed psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors from different cultural and theoretical backgrounds. If you have concerns about your student, please reach out to the Director of the Counseling Center, Jennifer McArdle, LMHC, at  

The Center for Academic Success

Making the transition to adjust to the rigor of college coursework can be challenging at times. The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides student-centered programs and initiatives designed to enhance learning and promote success and consistency for all students. CAS offers extensive resources, such as: Supplemental Instruction, Writing Fellows, Student Success Mentoring in addition to one-on-one tutoring and Learning Specialist Support. If your student is struggling in a class, recommend that they make an appointment at CAS.


Specialized Resource Center

The Specialized Resource Center (SRC) provides support for students with documented disabilities, including physical or mental impairments. Use of SRC services is voluntary, confidential, and free. If you were previously approved for accommodations during your educational career, this office can assist you in a smooth transition to college.


Campus Ministry & Social Action (CMSA)

The College years are times for deep reflection and exploration, including spiritual growth. As a Catholic Lasallian institution we promote the full human development of our students, including supporting them in their faith journey.  CMSA provides opportunities for spiritual engagement, invite exploration, and challenge assumptions for all people of all faiths. We support many Catholic and interfaith initiatives that help promote spiritual engagement and worship, encourage reflection and dedicated service, offer social justice and leadership opportunities, and foster a supportive and inclusive community among students, faculty, administrators, staff, and the Lasallian family.