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Office of the Dean

  1. Aliyah Dorsett

    Aliyah Dorsett

    Part Time AdministratorNon-credit Programming
  2. Kimberly Gargiulo

    Kimberly Gargiulo

    Quality Assurance ManagerSchool of Continuing & Professional Studies718-862-3866MGL 301
  3. Steven Goss

    Steven Goss

    Dean of the School of Continuing and Professional StudiesSchool of Continuing & Professional Studies718-862-7862MGL 301
  4. Michael Horowitz

    Michael Horowitz

    Part Time AdministratorNon-credit Programming
  5. Judith Johnson

    Judith Johnson

    OfficeMgr/SCPSSchool of Continuing & Professional Studies718-862-7887MGL 301
  6. Keira Lapsley

    Keira Lapsley

    Part-TimeNon-credit Programming
  7. Charles Lippolis

    Charles Lippolis

    Adjunct, Coordinator/One Card OfficeSchool of Continuing & Professional Studies, Public Safety718-862-8326THO PLATO
  8. Rosemary Osso

    Rosemary Osso

    Assistant Dean of School of Continuing and Professional StudiesSchool of Continuing & Professional Studies718-862-7870MGL 301
  9. Melissa Ruiz

    Melissa Ruiz

    K-12 Grade Program CoordinatorNon-credit Programming718-862-6401MGL 304A
  10. Michael Santamaria

    Michael Santamaria

    Part Time AdministratorNon-credit Programming
  11. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman

    Part Time AdministratorNon-credit Programming
  12. Janelle Torres

    Janelle Torres

    Manager/Camino ProgramCamino718-862-7793MGL 301
  13. Jeffrey Vanderwerf

    Jeffrey Vanderwerf

    Director/Intensive English Language Program, AdjunctIELP Intensive English Lang Prgm, Admissions718-862-8212MGL 301
  14. Edgar Zavala

    Edgar Zavala

    Director/Non-Credit ProgramsNon-credit Programming718-862-7428MGL 304A