AFROTC Detachment 560

Celebrating 70 Years at Manhattan College 

On April 22, 1951, the Reserve Officers Training Corps of the Air Force (AFROTC) was formally established at Manhattan College and over 850 cadets filled the ranks of its first unit.  They originally assembled in July 1951 and were designated Detachment No. 560, HQ & HQ Squadron, First Air Force, Manhattan College.    

Today, AFROTC and Manhattan College share a proud heritage of serving a student population for the greater New York City area.  “One of our Air Force core values is ‘service before self’,” says Lieutenant Colonel Paula A. Kelly. “That’s in line with the mission and vision of Manhattan College and how both institutions approach teaching and mentoring our students. Encouraging students to serve something bigger than themselves in support of their nation — this ideal is one that both our programs share which serve as a foundation for our partnership.”  

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A large group of young boys and 3 Christian Brothers stand in a semi-circle around 9 boys sitting on or next to stuffed wild animals such as a crocodile and a tortoise on the outside plaza of the school.

AFROTC Detachment 560 Through the Years

1951 - 2021

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