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About us

Our team consists of faculty and engaged students who believe in the Lasallian mission and are passionate about financial literacy.

  • Amira Annabi

    Amira Annabi

    I joined Manhattan College as an assistant Professor of Finance in September 2012. I earned a Bachelor of Science from the Superior Institute of Management, Tunisia; a Master of Sciences in Financial Engineering from HEC Montreal, Canada, and a PhD in Finance from HEC Montreal.


  • Aileen Farrelly

    Portrait of Aileen

    I joined Manhattan College in August 2011 and an the Assistant Dean of the O'Malley School of Business and an Accounting Professor.  I graduated Manhattan College, Magna cum Laude, with an Accounting and Computer Information Systems degree.  After obtaining my CPA and a career at Price Waterhouse, I obtained a  Masters in Accounting at City University of New York, Queens College.


Website Developers

  • Aiden Gormley and Michael Hennelly

Program coordinators

  • Aidan Gormley, Maura Mead, and Kamela Rampersaud

Video Producers, Actors, and Script Writers

  • Guiseppe Antonacci, Samantha Banscak-Smith, Michael Hennelly, David Lozipone, Alan Muschawick, Timothy O'Brien, Kamela Rampersaud

Event Volunteer

  • Guiseppe Antonacci, Savannah Banscak-Smith, Mariajose Blas-Perez, Aidan Gormley, James Grell, Michael Hennelly, Mackenzie Lauture, David Lozipone, Maura Mead, Alan Muschaweck, Kamela Rampersaud, Margaret Taylor.