Previous Competitions

See below for a list of previous competitions and winners of the Innovation Challenge at Manhattan College, plus testimonies from past participants.



Business Innovation Winner

Little Bill

Francois-Xavier Thiolliere (engineering student) 

Social Innovation Winner


Evyn Gonzalez (business student) and Irving Lopez (science student)

The Innovation Challenge was really the push I needed to start working on my plans for a future business.

Benjamin Akyereko, Participant, 2017


Business Innovation Winner

Angel Ventures

Daniel Hey (business student) 

Social Innovation Winner

Trek, a company that produces global aid kits

Megan McKee (business student)

The Innovation Challenge helped me out tremendously, simply by putting a stamp of approval for my idea. Most importantly, the innovation competition taught me to pursue my ideas fiercely and take more risks.

Michael Mackay, First Place Winner, 2016


Business Innovation Winner

Daily Draft Download

Michael Mackay (business student)

Social Innovation Winner


Shannon Walsh, Mike McElhone, David Lothrop, and Ross Ketner (business students)


Business Innovation Winner

Genesis, which allows you to build your own App

Daniel Christiano (Business Student) and David Cannizzaro (engineering student)

Social Innovation Winner

JasperList, which provides online barter services for Manhattan College students, faculty, staff and alumni

Casey Barrett (engineering student)

The Innovation Challenge opened a door of opportunity for me. Since then, I initiated the patent process for the idea and have built upwards since then.

Lauren Masucci, Participant, 2014


First Place

Gabriel Quiroz and Graham Rose (business students)

Second Place

Key and Card Holder

Amanda Cromwell (liberal arts student) 

My College MLS

Emmet McInerney  (liberal arts student)

Third Place

Optimization of Solar Thermal Energy

Allen Fok and David Stahl (engineering students)

The Innovation Challenge was a great experience because it allowed us as engineers to think about the business aspect of things.

Allen Folk , Third Place Winner, 2013