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Healthcare Informatics - M.S.

The M.S. in Healthcare Informatics prepares students for positions within the field of healthcare that apply and assess healthcare data.

Program Overview:

The mission of the Healthcare Informatics degree program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enhance healthcare quality and operations through the assessment and application of healthcare data and information in decision-making and strategic planning. Healthcare informatics is a growing field with many opportunities for students to make a difference in the lives of others through improving healthcare and its delivery. This is an online program with 7-week intensive courses. Students will complete a total of 36 credits and complete the degree in 16 months. The program provides a graduate degree opportunity for individuals in the healthcare field interested in administration of healthcare data.

The M.S. in Healthcare Informatics program will welcome its inaugural class starting on October 16, 2023.

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Healthcare Informatics is a very important tool for the delivery of patient-centered care that results in the best possible outcomes for each patient. Working towards the Healthcare Informatics degree will help you become an integral part of the management and leadership teams at any institution.

Cathy Dwyer ’98 (M.B.A.), Vice President & CIO, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
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    Our Lasallian Catholic heritage is the source of our focus on quality education for all and service to our neighbors in need. It’s also the source of our spirited, inclusive community. You’ll find yourself supported and heard by your classmates and professors. 

  • Discover Professional Opportunities

    Median hourly earnings for computer and information scientists, medical and healthcare service managers, computer systems analysts and database managers fall between $47.62 to $61.01 regionally and $43.71 to $59.06 nationally. Annual salaries in these markets range between $61,1140 through $119,840.

    Career job titles in this track include: Health Administrator, Health Information Manager, Project Admin Manager, Insurance Underwriter, Ambulatory Care Center Manager, Clinical Director/Manager, Hospital Administrator, and Managed Care Manager.
  • Admission Requirements
    • Applicants for master's programs must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or institution.
    • Normally, an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale is required, although other factors may be considered in the decision for admission.
    • Ideally, applicants should have suitable preparation in the behavioral sciences. Consideration will be given for teaching experience and for other applicable experience. Applicants who possess a bachelor's degree but do not have relevant background experience may be required to take prerequisite courses for admission. 
    • Other factors will be considered for admission, such as years of professional experience, a high average in your major field, scores on required standardized tests, or academic development beyond the baccalaureate degree.

    Graduate Admission Requirements

  • Program Requirements

    Students in the 36-credit program seeking a M.S. in Healthcare Informatics must take all the required courses. These include:

    - Foundations of Healthcare Informatics

    - Statistical Computing for Healthcare Informatics

    - Clinical Information Systems

    - Principles and Applications of Databases

    - Project Design and Management for Healthcare Systems

    - Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare Informatics

    - Healthcare Informatics Capstone Consulting I

    - Healthcare Informatics Capstone Consulting II

    - Data Security and Privacy

    - Fundamentals of Programming

    - Emerging Technologies in Healthcare Informatics

    - Evidence-based Patient Care

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What other students are asking about the Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics:

    When are the online classes offered?

    Healthcare Informatics courses are offered in an accelerated, online format. Courses are completed in seven-week terms. Classes do not meet on campus and can be offered as either synchronous (classroom lectures and other activities are delivered in real time during pre-scheduled sessions) or asynchronous (all course activity is done online with no pre-scheduled sessions)

    When can I apply to the Healthcare Informatics program?

    Our admission is rolling, so students are welcome to begin courses in the fall or spring semester or during a summer session. 

    Does Manhattan College support students in finding internship placements?

    Yes, we partner with a number of local healthcare sites to help students find internships. Additionally, if you have a school site where you are interested in doing your internship, we can support you in trying to complete it there.