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Who is Brother Jasper?

Early History


Brother Jasper arrived at the College in 1861.

Brother Jasper of Mary, FSC, came to Manhattan College in 1861 as the head of resident students. During his time at the College, he became the first athletic director and founded the first band, orchestra, glee club and several literary clubs. 

In the late 19th century, Brother Jasper brought the little-known sport of baseball to Manhattan College and became the team's first coach. He also served as the prefect of discipline, which required him to supervise the student fans at Manhattan College baseball games while also directing the team.

Brother Jasper's claim to fame is the seventh-inning stretch, which has been adopted by the major leagues and remains a time-honored tradition in baseball. 

Brother Jasper's return to campus 


Brother Jasper, circa 2020.

Brother Jasper returned in the fall of 2020 to Manhattan College. Since then he's been introduced to many new aspects of modern life on campus — cell phones, computer labs and the New York City subway. He’s happy to be back among the De La Salle Christian Brothers, and is flattered to discover that his name inspired the official moniker for the College and the nickname for all athletic teams. Go Jaspers! 

Brother Jasper has long represented leadership and support for generations of students. He embodies our spirit and determination, and who we are as a Manhattan College community. We welcome his presence once again as we prepare to meet today's unique challenges. 

Fun facts about Brother Jasper today

Because a lot has changed since the 1860s. 



Green (no reason...)

campus location? 

The Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers. 


Classical, mostly, but he does have an affinity for O Shining Star, Manhattan, the song written for Manhattan College.

pizza slice in the Bronx? 

Bacon chicken ranch pizza slice from Goodfellas, or the stuffed chicken slice from Broadway Joe's. Our students agree


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