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Welcome, Class of 2023!

IMG_9569.jpgYou're on campus, and we're excited about it.

During the next few weeks, Manhattan College's freshman class will be adjusting to life on campus, where there's a lot to accomplish academically, and many ways to get involved, too.

#Jaspers2023, we're here to help answer your questions, whether it's how to schedule an academic tutoring session, or attend an upcoming event, such as Family Weekend. You may need a reminder on which Bronx restaurants accept Jasper Dollars. Here are some resources to help ease the transition into college life.

Life at Manhattan 

Jasper Nation, where are you?! In addition to its 40+ clubs and organizations on campus, Manhattan College is also a Division 1 school of student-athletes and sports fans. For students eager to make a difference in the community, there are many service and social action opportunities throughout the academic year, not to mention study abroad programs.

Get Involved

  • Upcoming Student Events

Ask a Jasper

Where's the best New York City pizza near Manhattan College? How do you get a campus job? What's the best food order in Cafe 1853? Manhattan College students have the answers.

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