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Career Pathways at Manhattan

Manhattan College is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the nation for having graduates that get jobs and earn high salaries.

While securing employment is important, career preparation at Manhattan College is about more than just finding a job. Through comprehensive, person-centered career counseling, programs, and events, The Office of Career Pathways helps to guide students and alumni towards a meaningful and purpose-driven career.

These comprehensive services translate into success for our graduates. According to the latest career outcomes report:

  • 90% of graduates are employed full time or enrolled in graduate school within nine months of graduation
  • 87% reported that their employment is related to their field of study
  • More than 75% of students participate in an internship
Grace Stackowitz
Manhattan College has provided me with access to so many career paths and opportunities. The college holds its students to high expectations, training us for the level of work ethic expected in a professional setting.

Grace Stackowitz '21 School of Engineering