Policies & Disclosures

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), requires institutions of higher education that participate in federal financial aid programs to make available to students, parents, and others, specific information about the College. Listed below are the general areas for which such information is provided. Expand any area (click +) to display links to documents, policies and other informative web pages.

  • Academic Programs

    Articulation Agreements

    This information is provided pursuant to 34 CFR 602.24(e) specifically to make readily available to enrolled and prospective students a list of institutions with which the College has established an articulation agreement. Additional information about these articulation agreements is available at:

    Admissions Office
    O’Malley 601

    • Manhattan College and the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) sponsor a joint articulation program in podiatric education. Interested students must apply early in the fall semester of junior year and must take the MCAT no later than April of their junior year. An overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 at Manhattan College and official MCAT score at least equal to NYCPM’s current minimum is required. The curriculum of the combined B.S./D.P.M. program requires the completion of at least 90 credits at Manhattan College. The student enrolled at NYCPM requesting transfer credits must complete each firstyear course with a grade of “B” or higher in order to be awarded a bachelors degree by Manhattan College. The D.P.M. degree will be awarded upon completion of the seventh year of study at NYCPM. Final admission to the program resides with the Admissions Office of the NYCPM. 
    • Manhattan College and New York Medical College have an articulation agreement providing for early acceptance of Manhattan College Kinesiology students into the Master's program in public health and Doctorate program in physical therapy
    • Manhattan College and St. Thomas Aquinas College (STAC) have an articulation agreement for a 3-2 degree program in Mathematics and Engineering. St. Thomas Aquinas College awards a B.S. with a major in Mathematics after 3 years of successful study at STAC and 2 years of successful study at Manhattan College. Manhattan College awards a B.S. in Engineering upon successful completion of the 5th year of the program. Students must earn a minimum C grade in all STAC courses to be applied towards the Manhattan College degree and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. A complete listing of the Program of Studies is available through the Office of the Dean of Engineering.

    Reports on Enrollment, Pell Recipients & Graduation Rates

    Academic Policies and Procedures

    Certifications and Disclosures

    • Manhattan College complies with the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 42 U.S.C. §§ 6101-6107 and does not discriminate based on age in its educational or academic programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.
    • Manhattan College will not retaliate against any individual for filing a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights or for advocating for any rights protected by the Age Discrimination Act.
    • Manhattan College complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act 42 U.S.C. §§ 12101-12213 and provides for nondiscrimination protection in employment, educational services, and accommodations for individuals with disabilities. 
    • Manhattan College provides for reasonable accommodations to allow a qualified person with a disability to participate fully in the educational or academic programs and activities of the College.
    • Manhattan College complies with the Higher Education Opportunity Act Public Law No. 110-315 and will disclose information to current and prospective students about any plans to improve its academic programs on an annual basis. 
    • Manhattan College’s School of Education and Health reports annually to the New York State Education Department and posts for the public the pass rate on state teacher certification examinations taken by its graduates. The annual reporting deadline for this report is April 1st.  

    Higher Education Certification Data

    • Performance on the New York State teacher and leader certification examinations
    • Employment status of those who received an initial certificate

    The data provided at the two links below is available to provide the public with program-specific information concerning candidate performance on the New York State Teacher and Leader Certification Examinations between September 1st and August 31st of a particular reporting year. In order to ensure the confidentiality of personally identifiable information, results for examinations taken by fewer than ten (10) people have been suppressed.

    This page contains the passage rates for each of the following certification examinations; the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST), the Educating All Students (EAS) exam, and the School Building Leader (SBL) assessment. The data for the edTPA is displayed by content area. The "Percent Passed" column shows the percentage of test takers who passed the examination during this period out of the total number of test takers who took the exam during this time period as provided in the "Number Tested" column.

    Information regarding the employment status of those who received an initial certificate for the first time during the 2013-2014 academic year is available on the Employment Data page. The employment data are based on data from the NY State Education Department’s Basic Educational Data System (BEDS).

    Credit Hour Policy & Definitions

    Transfer Admissions policy

  • Accounting
  • Accreditation and State Registration

    Institutional Accreditation

    Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

    Manhattan College meets the Requirements of Affiliation of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education as published in Characteristics of Excellence: Requirements of Affiliation and Standards for Accreditation (12th ed., 2006). Manhattan College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and Post-baccalaureate and Post-Master’s certificates. Manhattan College’s accreditation was reaffirmed by MSCHE on June 28, 2012 following an extensive self-study process and site visit. Manhattan College has been accredited by MSCHE since 1921.

    Middle States accreditation instills public confidence in institutional mission, goals, performance, and resources through its rigorous accreditation standards and their enforcement.  MSCHE is the regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

    Middle States Commission on Higher Education
    3624 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-2680
    Phone: 267-284-5000
    View Manhattan College’s Statement of Accreditation Status.

    Programmatic Accreditation

    Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)
    1140 19th Street, N.W., Suite 400
    Washington, D.C.

    • School of Education – Teacher Education Programs: Effective 6/14/2010 - 6/14/2020
    • School Building Leadership Program: Effective 9/1/2011 - 9/1/2016

    The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
    777 South Harbour Island Boulevard, Suite 750
    Tampa, FL 33602

    • School of Business – Business programs: Effective 2013-14 to 2018-19

    ABET - Engineering Accreditation Commission
    415 North Charles Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201

    School of Engineering programs:

    • Chemical Engineering, Bachelors: 10/01/1964-Present
    • Civil Engineering, Bachelors: 10/01/1940-Present
    • Computer Engineering, Bachelors: 10/01/2001-Present
    • Electrical Engineering, Bachelors: 10/01/1940-Present
    • Environmental Engineering, Masters: 10/01/2007-Present
    • Mechanical Engineering, Bachelors: 10/01/1967-Present

    State Registration

    Manhattan College’s approved degree and certificate programs are listed on the New York State Education Department – Inventory of Registered Programs (select Search for programs by Institution then enter 439000 Manhattan College to view by Program Title).

  • Admissions
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  • Athletics

    Equity in Athletics

    The College's latest Equity in Athletics Annual Report is available here from the U.S. Department of Education. It includes data as reported to the Office of Postsecondary Education  pursuant to the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act including:
    • Participation by Gender and Varsity Team
    • Coaching Staff & Salaries
    • Revenues & Expenses
    • Supplemental Info

    Athlete Completion and Graduation Rates

    This data is also available at the NCAA website by selecting Manhattan College from the dropdown menu for schools. 

    • Graduation Success Rate Report (2005-2008 Cohorts)
    • Freshmen Cohort Graduation Rates (2008-09 Graduation Rate)  This report gives graduation information about students and student-athletes entering in 2008. This is the most recent graduating class for which the required six years of information is available. The report provides information about student-athletes who received athletics aid in one or more of seven sports categories: men's basketball, baseball, men's track/cross country, men's other sports and mixed sports, women's basketball, women's track/cross country and other women's sports. For each of those sports categories, it includes information in six self-reported racial or ethnic groups: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African-American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, nonresident alien, two or more races, White or non-Hispanic and unknown (not included in one of the other groups or not available) and the total (all groups combined).
  • Auxilary Services
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  • Campus Safety

    The College's Annual Security Report (ASR) is available at manhattan.edu/security

    A paper copy of the full report is available upon request to the Public Safety Office located at Jasper Hall, 1st floor. Phone: 718-862-7240; Fax: 718-862-8017; E-mail: publicsafety@manhattan.edu

    New York State Campus Crime Statistics

    Climate Survey on Sexual Assault

  • Contracts and Procurement
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  • Copyright and Trademark
  • Disabilities
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  • Distance Education

    Notices/State Authorization/Student Identity Verification

    State Specific Distance Education Notices


    If you are a resident of Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota or Wisconsin, you are not eligible to apply for enrollment in Manhattan College courses and programs delivered to you in your state via distance education. You are eligible and welcome to apply for enrollment in all other Manhattan College courses and programs.

    If you are a resident of Alaska, Manhattan College's distance education programs are exempt from authorization under Alaska Statutes 14.47 and 20 AAC 17.015 because the program is online and distance delivered and does not have a physical presence in Alaska. Additionally, Manhattan College is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is authorized to operate in the New York State by the New York State Education Department.

    How to File a Complaint

    Student Complaints & Consumer Information by State

    Identity and Integrity Policy

    Student Identity Verification & Integrity of Work

    Charges Associated with Student Identity Verification

  • Diversity / Affirmative Action
  • Environmental Health and Occupational
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  • Ethics
  • Export Controls
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  • Financial Aid
  • Fundraising and Development
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  • Gainful Employment
  • Governance
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  • Grants Management
  • Health Care and Insurance
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  • Housing
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  • Human Resources
  • Immigration
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  • Information Technology
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
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  • Lobbying and Political Activity


    • No Federal student aid funding under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1001 et seq.) has been used to hire a registered lobbyist or pay any person or entity for securing an earmark.
    • No Federal funds received under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1001 et seq.) have been used to pay any person for influencing or attempting to influence an officer or employee of any agency, a Member of Congress,an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a Member of Congress in connection with any of these Federal actions: 

    (1) The awarding of any Federal contract.

    (2) The making of any Federal grant.

    (3) The making of any Federal loan.

    (4) The entering into of any Federal cooperative agreement.

    (5) The extension, continuation, renewal, amendment, or modification of any Federal contract, grant, loan, or cooperative agreement.

  • Privacy and Information Security
  • Program Integrity Rules
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  • Research
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  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Veterans

    Manhattan College has signed the U.S. Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and an intent to comply memo was submitted to the Veterans Administration regarding Executive Order 13607.

    This Voluntary Education Partnership MOU and the accompanying The Principles of Excellence encourages and requires the College to:

    1 .Prior to enrollment, provide students a personalized form covering the total cost of an educational program i.e., Program costs, student debt estimates, and Federal financial aid options upfront.

    • a. Student Financial Services will create a shopping sheet that addresses costs and funding options

    2. Provide educational plans for all military and veteran education beneficiaries

    • a. The Advisors from the various Schools of the College will work with the Registrar’s Office and Degree Works software to develop a complete education plan for their educational goals

    3. End fraudulent and aggressive recruiting techniques and misrepresentation

    • a. Manhattan College does not support or condone fraudulent and aggressive recruiting practices for any students. The College will continue to uphold its high ethical standards for recruiting.

    4. Provide accommodations for service members and reservists absent due to service requirements.

    • a. Manhattan College understands the pressures of deployment and will make reasonable accommodations for individual deployment situations.

    5. Designate a point of contact who serves as the Certifying Official and can refer students to the appropriate person for academic and financial advising 

    6. Manhattan College has established a Committee for Veteran's Affairs which offers services and contacts available for veterans. 

  • Voter Registration

    The Higher Education Act Amendments of 1998 requires Manhattan College to make voter registration forms widely available to its students. Follow the links below for more information and/or voter registration forms. 


    New York State: Voter Registration Form

    State Elections Office Website

    Federal: National Mail Voter Registration Form

    United States Election Assistance Commission

    Qualifications to Register to Vote

    In order to qualify to vote in the United States, you must meet the following qualifications:

    • Be a United States citizen;
    • Be 18 years old on or before Election Day (see state-specific instructions for rules regarding eligibility to register prior to age 18);
    • Live at your present address for at least 30 days before the election;
    • Not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction;
    • Not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court; and
    • Not claim the right to vote elsewhere.