Manhattan College Details Great Success in its Radiation Therapy Technology Program

Manhattan College's Radiation Therapy Technology Program achieves unparalleled success with a 100% pass rate among recent graduates. Led by alumna Angela Oliveira, the program offers rigorous training and hands-on experience in premier healthcare facilities, setting the standard for excellence in radiation therapy education.

Manhattan College proudly announces great strides in its Radiation Therapy Technology Program where students train to become licensed radiation therapists, particularly caring for cancer patients.Angela Oliveira, alum and Chair of Radiologic Health Professions teaching students

Radiation therapy is a medical specialty in which prescribed doses of radiation are administered to treat cancer and other diseases. Students in this 127-credit bachelor’s degree program learn essential skills for radiation therapy, including how to prepare patients and equipment for the delivery of radiation; keep accurate records of the treatment of each patient; and observe radiation safety and protection procedures.

A rigorous testing for Board certification is required by the students, and the College is particularly proud of its 100% pass rate for its most recent group of graduates, well above the national average. In addition to this achievement, the College has increased its number of service sites over the past two years by 17 facilities, now totaling 27 clinical affiliates from Long Island to Poughkeepsie, NY.

The program is led by Angela Oliveira, a Manhattan College alum and Chair of Radiologic Health Professions and Program Director/Assistant Professor.
Said Ms. Oliveira, “It is particularly gratifying to see the great strides we have been able to make in the past two years. Our students have the opportunity to rotate through some of the largest and most respected healthcare facilities in the New York metropolitan area, including private clinics and hospitals. Each student trains in three different facilities over a period of 230 clinical days during our program. I am so proud of our students and their accomplishments in a most competitive field.”

Dr. Marcy Kelly, Dean of the Kakos School of Arts and Sciences at Manhattan College said, “Angela has brought our Radiation Therapy Technology Program to new heights. In addition to the remarkable 100% pass rate, she is pursuing a Doctorate in Education in Healthcare and has authored the Radiation Therapy Pocket Guide, a unique “how to” book for radiation technologists designed to fit into scrub pockets that has sold well over 100 copies worldwide.
Thanks to her leadership, Manhattan College is able to successfully compete for the best and the brightest students in the field of radiation therapy technology.”

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