Follett Assumes Management of the Manhattan College Bookstore

Follett had previously operated the bookstore before 2014.

On June 14, Follett Higher Education Group (Follett) will assume management of the College's bookstore, previously managed by Barnes & Noble (B & N). Follett returns to the campus after operating the bookstore prior to 2014. The bookstore will temporarily close on June 9 during this transition and reopen on Tuesday, June 20.  Campus Bookstore

Follett Corporation is the largest campus retailer in North America with more than 1,100 locations, including numerous New York City colleges and universities. The organization has an extensive range of cost-saving course material options; integrated technology that connects students and faculty to the materials needed for academic success; a broad assortment of on-trend, branded merchandise; and a top-ranked online channel. 

Follett plans to deliver accessible course materials with options that include new and used course materials; digital materials, eBooks, digital courseware and open educational resources. The company also provides a text rental program that helps students save up to 80 percent compared to purchasing new books. 

The campus community and alumni will have access to merchandise and gear to commemorate achievements and celebrate school pride. At the new campus store’s online channel, shoppers will find an assortment of merchandise beyond what is available at the store. 

The store’s telephone number will remain the same at 718-862-7249. The new campus bookstore website will be and will go live in several days. 

By David Koeppel