Top 6 Places to Study and Relax on Campus

Discover the greatest spots on our Manhattan College campus to study, attend class virtually or take a break.

Between virtual classes, meetings and internships, finding a comfortable space to study and relax has never seemed so critical to productivity (and sanity). Luckily for Manhattan College students, there are many spaces on campus to do work and learn remotely. 

Whether you’re searching for a quiet spot to take classes for the day, enjoy a screen break or find solitude, here are some of the coziest corners of campus:

Article By Deirdre Heavey ’21
Photos By Brian Asare ’22

  • The Grotto

    The grotto during the spring
    The statue of the Virgin Mary and its accompanying stone patio, bench and adjacent garden is the ideal place to catch your breath in the middle of a busy day on campus. Surrounded by fresh seasonal flowers between Manhattan’s brick buildings, the statue of the Virgin Mary provides a unique respite from hectic classes and obligations. Particularly on a sunny day, this cozy corner on campus is the ideal place to eat lunch in the sun or practice a mindful meditation.
  • The O’Malley Library Subfloors

    Library with wooden tables and wooden chairs
    While the upper sections of O’Malley Library are pristine and spacious, its subfloors are a hidden gem for seclusion. Enter by the rotunda on the third floor and head down the stairs to grab your favorite seat. Be sure to check out the Covino Room, which is a quiet study area on the fourth/bottom floor of the library. Between Google Meets and essay writing, explore the library’s archives, which happen to be located on the second floor. The best part? Once you’re set up, it’s unlikely many will make the trek to interrupt your solitude (extra points for the social distancing element).
  • The Kelly Window Seat

    Student sitting in front of a clear window with the sun shining, studying

    This window nook in Kelly Commons has a bird’s-eye view of students walking to and from South Campus. Be sure to arrive extra early to claim your Kelly window seat, which is located in the stairwell between the building’s first and second floors — this spot often fills up early and stays occupied throughout the day! With Starbucks just a few steps down the stairs, this is the hot spot for energized study or essay-writing sessions.

  • First Floor Library Couches

    Student wearing a mask using a laptop in the library
    The couches on the first floor of the library are a go-to for long hours in front of the screen. When you’re feeling the Zoom fatigue kick in, close that computer and take a look out the large window positioned directly behind the couch. These couches are also an ideal spot for group work – within appropriate COVID-19 guidelines, of course.
  • Kelly 5th Floor Study Spaces

    Room with big clear windows and tables for studying

    To provide students with more space to study and attend class virtually, the College transformed the fifth floor of Kelly Commons into a quiet study space. The views here are awesome — floor-to-ceiling windows overlook Gaelic Park and, further in the distance, No. 1 subway trains can also be seen arriving at and departing from the 242nd Street station.

  • Library Study Rooms

    Student sitting down with mask using laptop in a library

    For those long days that turn into nights in the library, the building’s study rooms are free from distractions and offer you the opportunity for productivity. With an abundance of outlets, dry-erase boards and markers, study rooms are the ideal space to check every box off your to-do list. For ultimate coziness, don’t forget to stop by Locke’s Loft for snacks and a Chameleon Cold Brew.

By MC Staff