Phillip Dombrovskiy  ’20 to Begin Dental School in the Fall

The graduating senior eventually plans to become an oral maxillofacial surgeon.


phillip-Dombrovskiy.jpgName: Phillip Dombrovskiy 

Hometown: Palisades Park, NJ

Major/Minor: Major in biology and minor in chemistry

Future plans: I will be attending the Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine in August. I plan on fulfilling my degree in dentistry and then matriculating into a postgraduate program to become an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

How did you become interested in math and science? 

I had been a part of an accelerated math and science track during high school, so naturally I grew with the different STEM classes. The sciences were the avenue I had decided to pursue because at the time I had been fond of volunteering in my local community hospital. Healthcare intrigued me the most, and biology is integral to the study of the human anatomy or physiology. Advancing such knowledge would allow for scientists to better serve the health of local and global communities at large.

Why did you choose Manhattan College? 

The close-knit community at Manhattan College appealed to me the most. In small class sizes, I feel that education can be more personalized and effective. The College was also located within the major cultural hub that is New York City, so there were great opportunities and experiences to look forward to.

What made you want to attend college? 

My parents were both teachers in Ukraine prior to moving to the U.S. I believe that due to their influences as teachers in their home country, I likewise wanted to pursue a college education. Due to the values that my parents have instilled in me, I hope to be able to give back one day through educating others.

What are some of your memorable experiences at Manhattan College? 

My more memorable experiences include being a part of the Jasper Summer Research Scholars program, participating in intramural sports with my fellow classmates, and preparing myself for graduate school with the help and guidance of wonderful professors. I am also thankful for my role as tutor within the Center for Academic Success, which has helped shape my future.

What advice would you offer to incoming freshmen?

Seize opportunities by networking and consulting with your professors and advisers early into your undergraduate education. Creating a timeline for ambitions well ahead of the ultimate goal makes for a more efficient and rewarding journey.

Interviewed by: Paula Espitia 20

By MC Staff