#300LaSalle: Mechanical Engineer, Student Veteran Sherry Swartwout ’19

Throughout the year, the Manhattan College community will reflect on the meaning of the Lasallian tradition.

Sherry Swartwout and sonFrom Mission Month in April until the end of the Jubilee Year in November, members of the Manhattan College community will reflect on the meaning of the Lasallian tradition on campus.

One of the five Lasallian pillars is quality education. At Manhattan College, support programs are in place to make education as accessible to as many people as possible, including military veterans, parents and other students from varied backgrounds.

Sherry Swartwout ’19 was stationed in San Diego as a Sonar Technician in the United States Navy before being honorably discharged. She returned to her hometown of New York City to attend City College before transferring to Manhattan College in the fall of 2016. She will earn her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in May and plans to complete her master’s degree in the fall through the school’s Seamless Master’s Program.

Swartwout: “I have close relationships with most of my professors in the department. They’re so supportive and that’s what has made my experience here above and beyond. They all want me to succeed. They’re my mentors and my therapists. In addition to being a single mom, I’m an engineer and a veteran. There aren’t a lot of women in these areas to receive guidance from. The faculty, especially the female faculty, has supported me tremendously and continue to encourage and inspire me.

Dr. [Parisa] Saboori in particular is the absolute best and Dr. [Graham] Walker is fantastic. Everyone in the department has been very understanding and helpful. Even with class times, they’re flexible in allowing me to bring my son to class during his days off. I’m extremely grateful for the amount of support I’ve had here.”