Art Exhibit at Manhattan College Showcases Veterans’ Experiences

The exhibition will open on Wednesday, April 10 and is open to the public through mid-June.

Experiencing Veterans and Artists Collaboration logoBeginning on Wednesday, April 10, Manhattan College’s O’Malley Library will host Experiencing Veterans and Artists Collaboration (EVAC), an art project that connect veterans and artists together.

Two recent Manhattan College alumni – Kirsten Battocchio ’18 and Michael Giraldo ’19 – will have their stories told through the art exhibit. 

EVAC curators interview veterans about their experiences, and artists make original and signed prints based on their interpretation of those stories. The prints are exhibited with excerpts from the transcribed interview.

EVAC works to give a glimpse into real people’s lived experiences. It creates a space for the audience that invites genuine understanding and engagement. It makes this art project uniquely positioned through storytelling and interpretation to promote empathy from multiple groups – the artist and audience for the veteran’s experience, and the veteran for the artist’s realization of their stories.

Participating veterans include service members from World War II through the present, including all five branches of the military. The participating artists are professionals from 23 states and one country outside of the United States. They use a variety of printmaking techniques from etching to serigraphy.  

After the invitation-only opening, the exhibit will be open to the public through mid-June.

–Paula Espitia '20

By MC Staff