What Can You Do with a Manhattan College Education? Anything.

Manhattan College graduates are landing jobs in their desired fields with strong salaries.

Students with laptops in libraryManhattan College graduates leave the Riverdale campus well-prepared in a variety of subjects: business, education, engineering, liberal arts and science, according to a report prepared by the Office of Career Pathways detailing what the class of 2017 graduates are doing one year after graduation.

88 percent of Manhattan College graduates are employed full-time, attending graduate school full-time, or doing both. 85 percent of those graduates who are employed full-time reported being employed in a career related to their field of study.

The median base salary of 2017 graduates that accepted employment was $50,000-$60,000 for students working full-time and the average salary reported from individual reported salaries was $52,617. According to a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average starting salary was $49,525, among bachelor’s degree recipients nationwide.

Taking advantage of the services offered by the Center for Career Development proved to be vital for those students who are currently employed full-time or attending graduate school. 83 percent of graduates had a career-related experience related to their field of study.

The data presented was compiled based on a survey to all February, May and September 2017 graduates, and December 2016 graduates. There was a 92 percent response rate overall.