School of Education and Health: Transforming Minds, Bodies and Lives

Faculty, students and alumni are making a difference in a wide range of settings, locally and globally.

As the third school established at Manhattan College, the School of Education and Health is certainly at the heart of the College’s mission by preparing students to be excellent teachers and professionals in a wide range of environments. The tradition of preparing teachers for the classroom began in the late 1800s and ever since, the College has been graduating educators who transform the world by cultivating brilliant minds, as well as brilliant hearts.

Constantly innovating its offerings to keep up with changing times, throughout the years the school has added graduate degrees in Counseling, School Building Leadership, and Instructional Design and Delivery, as well as undergraduate programs in Kinesiology and Radiological and Health Professions. The graduates of these programs go on to make an impact outside of the traditional classroom, from nurturing personal wellness and growth and helping students and schools succeed to developing healthier bodies and better patient outcomes.

Here are just a few of the ways faculty, students and alumni of the school have recently made a difference, locally and globally:


Manhattan Tutors Provide Year-Round College Prep to Underserved Teens

Students working for the College’s Center for Academic Success tutor high schoolers in New York City for the SAT and assist them on various aspects of the college application process.»


Jasper Educators Find "Sea of Good" in Seedy Italian Suburb

Twelve students enrolled in Manhattan’s education programs spend the summer bonding with underprivileged adolescents in Scampia, Italy.»


Seniors Take On Positions of Service and Faith After Graduation

Charlene Frankini ’15 and Lindsay Pamlanye ’15 embarked on new service positions with Jesuit Volunteer Corps and Lasallian Volunteers, respectively.»


Jasper Alum and Bronx Science Principal Has Big Plans to Increase Stem Education

Jean Donahue ’81, ’03 is expanding computer science and engineering programs in her role at Bronx Science.»


Kinesiology Professor Discusses State of Physical Education in New York City Public Schools

Shawn Ladda addresses how many schools in New York City are not meeting the state’s guidelines at a recent briefing.»


College Teams Up with Alum to Give Local Middle School Students a Roadmap to Success

DREAM University, a five-week literacy and physical education program at Manhattan College, helps students to maintain skill sets and active lifestyles during the summer.»


Jaspers Build Business to Help Fund Education in the Bronx

With the help of fellow Jaspers, Perry Rizopoulos ’13 started Save Your City, a charitable clothing line that donates supplies to disadvantaged schools in the community.»


Education Students and Faculty Serve Alongside Former Manhattan College Brothers in Jamaica

Manhattan group spends winter break volunteering at Lasallian high school with Brothers Augustine Nicoletti and James Wallace.»


Bringing Rugby to the Bronx

Physical education teacher Mike Rosario ’98 started a rugby team at a Bronx public school. In addition to winning trophies, he's changing lives and building community one player at a time.»


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