College Launches Interdisciplinary Ethics Minor

The minor will address practical and theoretical issues to inform students about ethical challenges.

Manhattan College is now offering an interdisciplinary minor in ethics in conjunction with the Philosophy department and Schools of Arts, Business, Education and Health, Engineering and Science.

The new minor addresses both practical and theoretical issues in order to inform students about ethical challenges that they may face at work and in their daily lives. The interdisciplinary minor requires 15 hours of coursework, including two core courses and three electives.

“Public and private enterprises are increasingly making ethical awareness a feature of their missions and operations,” said Mitchell Aboulafia, Ph.D., co-director of the Center for Ethics and chair of the philosophy department. “An ethical enterprise is generally considered a healthier and more productive enterprise, for example, through cultivating more trustworthy employees and management. Creating an ethics minor will enable our students to demonstrate their competence in this area.”

The core requirements include Philosophy 201 – Ethics, an introduction to moral decision-making, and Philosophy 215 – Ancient Greek Philosophy, an examination of the major theoretical and practical issues raised by classical Greek philosophers. Students can choose from elective courses such as Environmental Ethics, Catholic Moral Theology, Chinese and Japanese Philosophies, Terror and Terrorism, and more.

For more information on the ethics minor, please contact Mitchell Aboulafia by email at or by phone at 718-862-7124.

MC Staff