College To Host Summer Science Program for High School Students

The summer program in Electronics 101 begins on July 1.

Manhattan College’s School of Science will host a pre-college program this summer to provide high school students with the opportunity to gain more experience in science, technology and mathematics. An introductory course in electronics will begin on July 1 and end on July 11. Applications are currently being accepted for the program.

Electronics 101 is among a handful of courses offered throughout the year for high school students in the Physics department at the College. The course is available for minimal cost with a $100 lab fee, and financial aid is offered based on need and merit. During the summer electronics course, students will expand their knowledge on the following topics: simple electric circuits, breadboard, inductors, capacitors and more.

In the past, the School of Science has also featured the following College-level labs including Physics I (mechanics), II (light and electricity) and III (electromagnetism), Biology (dissection) and Chemistry (fundamentals of matter). This fall, Physics 1 will start in October.

Students must be currently enrolled in high school and have a strong interest in electronics. To apply for the summer program, please email Veronique Lankar, visiting assistant professor of physics, at

For more information, please visit

By Julie Benns