Relationship Advice from the Experts

We asked our couples for their best relationship advice. Young Jaspers, take note!

Lois & John

“Talk a lot. Laugh. Talk about what really matters, what you really believe in.” –Lois

“Keep an open mind. I think it’s important for a young couple to realize that they shouldn’t be as concerned with what the world’s view of them is. They should try to figure out what their own view of themselves is.” –John

Christina & Nitin

“Support and encourage each other to grow individually, while maintaining your commonalities.” –Christina

“I couldn’t have said it better! Even when things change over the years, grow together.” –Nitin

Fausta & Michael

“Be good to each other, support each other, love each other, put each other first as a couple. Continuing education after college is very important. And to love God and trust that God will do the right thing and help you as a family.” –Fausta

“It’s what you get out of it, that you put into it. Many people live by adage, ‘What can you do for me? How can I benefit?’ If that’s the way that you prioritize, you’ll always be unhappy.” –Michael


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By Julie Benns