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Structural Engineers Association of New York

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The Manhattan College Chapter of Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) aims to connect students in Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering with each other, alumni, and corporate representatives currently in the industry. SEAoNY allows students the opportunity to grow both professionally and academically. 

SEAoNY hosts a multitude of professionally enriching events:

  • Resume Workshop (Fall Semester) - where professional engineers host a lecture on how to tailor one’s resume to suit an engineering firm’s criteria. Students are able to ask specific questions as well as having the opportunity to have their resume seen by an engineer.
  • Interview Workshop (Spring Semester) - the interview workshop is an opportunity for students to learn what to expect during an interview for an engineering company as well as practice their interview skills with a professional engineer.
  • Shadow a Structural Engineer - get the opportunity to visit with professionals to experience a day in the life of a structural engineer.
  • Structure Quest - an annual structural scavenger hunt that explores the built history of New York City.

How to Join

All engineering students are welcome to join! The resume and interview workshop will prove to be a valuable resource for any engineering student. A civil engineer who has a particular interest in the structural route will definitely benefit the most from joining SEAoNY!

Sign up during the Club Fair at the beginning of the semester or contact the club directly at