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Men's Rowing Club

Group photo of men's rowing club

Men’s Club Rowing is one of the longest-running clubs at Manhattan College. It was established in 1932 and is one of the founding schools of the Dad Vail Regatta. Water Practices are held locally in New Rochelle, New York with transportation to and from campus. Land Practices are on campus in Draddy Gymnasium. Our rowers’ technique and endurance are further strengthened during training trips during winter and/or spring break. 

How to Join

Our Men’s Club Rowing team is open to any interested male athlete of any level who is willing to learn and compete at a collegiate level. Novice events are open to new rowers or rowers new to collegiate rowing. Previous rowing experience is not required. Varsity events are open to rowers with one or more years of collegiate rowing. Rowers who have crew experience from high school may partake in either event.

The weight classifications are Coxswain, Lightweight, and Open/Heavyweight. A coxswain for a men’s event must weigh a minimum of 120 pounds. A lightweight men’s crew member cannot weigh more than 160 pounds. An open men’s crew member can weigh less than or greater than 160 pounds. 

Any further questions contact