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Upsilon Sigma

The Urban Studies Honor Society

Upsilon Sigma is an international, multidisciplinary honor society! The Urban Studies Honor Society, Upsilon Sigma Seal Logo
The Society was established by the Urban Affairs Association (UAA) in 2018. Upsilon Sigma is dedicated to recognizing and encouraging excellence in scholarship, leadership, and engagement in urban studies and related fields. The mission is to promote academic excellence and enrich the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees related to urban studies.

Urban Studies is a broad umbrella term for academic programs and research that focus on the social, political, economic, spatial, physical, historical, cultural, and environmental dynamics of urban contexts. The issues and policies that impact urban places and populations are examined within a wide variety of academic disciplines.

Students’ Benefits of Becoming a Member of Upsilon Sigma

  • Students who are inducted into Upsilon Sigma chapters shall be granted the right to identify themselves as honor society members.
  • Each inductee will receive an official certificate of membership. This distinction will add a unique element to a student’s record and give clear indication of significant academic achievements.
  • Membership in Upsilon Sigma will give students access to both campus-based and national networks of fellow honor society members.
  • Student members will be eligible for special discounts to become UAA members and to attend annual UAA conferences. Additional benefits may be provided by local chapters of the Society.