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Sigma Pi Sigma

National honor society for physics

Sigma Pi Sigma Seal

Sigma Pi Sigma, the honor society for physics, was founded in 1921. Today, it is affiliated with the Society of Physics Students. The society exists to:

  • honor outstanding scholarship in physics
  • encourage interest in physics among students at all levels
  • promote an attitude of service of its members toward their fellow students, colleagues and the public
  • provide a fellowship among physics students, faculty and professionals

The national organization sponsors a mentoring program for high school students, a physics job board and a biannual publication. Sigma Pi Sigma also hosts PhysCon, a gathering where students can hear lectures from scientists and distinguished speakers, debate common concerns for the discipline and society, and tour iconic scientific venues.

The Manhattan College chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma was organized in 1951.


To qualify for membership, undergraduates must:

  • Have a GPA of 3.4 or higher  
  • Demonstrate interest and commitment to the field of physics
Sigma Pi Sigma is open to non-physics majors who fulfill these requirements, as well.


Bart Horn, Ph.D.