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Psi Chi

International honor society for psychology

Psi Chi Seal

Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement and interest in psychology. Founded in 1929, Psi Chi has grown to be one of the largest honor societies in the United States with more than 700,000 members worldwide. The purposes of Psi Chi are to:

  • encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship of psychology
  • advance the science of psychology

The national organization produces an annual peer-reviewed journal with original empirical research by Psi Chi undergraduates, graduate students and faculty. It also funds awards and grants for students and faculty to do research or travel to conventions and psychology-related events.


To qualify for membership, undergraduates must have:

  • at least 12 credits in psychology with a declared psychology major or minor
  • a GPA of 3.4 or above in psychology courses
  • an overall GPA of 3.4


Martha Mendez-Baldwin, Ph.D.