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Commencement this year may not be what any of us expected, but that doesn't make the accomplishments of our class of 2020 any less impressive.

We recognize the milestone achievements of Manhattan College's spring graduates and anxiously await the opportunity to celebrate in person when the time is right. Congratulations to all. 

Your Manhattan College degree is a lifelong treasure that nothing can take away from you. We look forward eagerly to the moment when our current separation is a memory and we rejoice in our reunion as a community once more.

— President O'Donnell

[ Graduates ]

Ellen Farrelly ’20 Receives Joseph J. Gunn ’30 Alumni Medal

Bestowed on a graduating senior who personifies Manhattan’s Lasallian mission through significant contributions to the College, the Gunn Medal is recognized as one of the College’s highest undergraduate honors.

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[ Graduates ]

Miguel Díaz-López '20 and Hongbin Xu ’19, ’20 (M.S.) Named Undergraduate and Spring Commencement Valedictorians

Miguel and Hongbin will deliver the valedictory addresses on behalf of their classmates during the 2020 Undergraduate and Spring Commencement ceremonies, which will be held at a future date.

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