Ian Levy

Assistant Professor, Graduate Counseling, Leadership & Education

Ian Levy is a New York City native and former high school counselor in the South Bronx. Levy's research examines mental health practices in urban schools, which includes interrogating the role of the school counselor and other school staff to ensure the social and emotional lives of young people are adequately addressed.

Courses Taught

  • EDUG 713: Methods of Educational and Psychological Research
  • EDUG 714: Psychology of Career Counseling
  • EDUG 821: Internship in School Counseling I
  • EDUG 827: Internship in School Counseling II
  • EDUG 851: Data Analysis and Report Writing in Educational & Psychological Research
  • Research
    Currently Dr. Levy's research focuses on the development, implementation, and evaluation of a hip hop-based counseling framework in urban schools. He is currently engaged in additional research which examines the effectiveness of pedagogical frameworks in creating emotional outlets for students in classroom spaces. Ultimately his research addresses the multifaceted roles of the school counselor as not only a direct provider of counseling services, but an advocate for systems change and a collaborator.
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    Levy, I., Cook, A.L., & Emdin, C. (2018). Remixing the school counselor’s tool kit: Hip-hop spoken word therapy and YPAR. Professional School Counseling, 21(1), 1-11

    Levy, I., Emdin, C., & Adjapong, E.S. (2018). Hip-hop cypher in group work. Journal of Social Work with Groups, 41(1-2), 103-110

    Parks, C., Wallace, B. C., Emdin, C., & Levy, I. (2016). An examination of gendered violence and school push-out directed against urban black girls/adolescents: Illustrative data, cases and a call to action. Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy15(3), 210-219.

    Adjapong E., Levy, I., & Emdin, C. (2016). Empowering girls of color through authentic science internships, Journal of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research (JULTR), 12(1), 24-34

    Emdin, C., Levy, I., & Adjapong E, (2016). Hip hop based interventions as pedagogy/therapy in STEM: A model for urban science education. Journal for Multicultural Education10(3), 307-321.

    Levy, I., & Keum, T. K. (2014). Hip-hop emotional exploration in men. Journal of Poetry Therapy, 27(4), 217-223.

    Levy, I. (2012). Hip hop and spoken word therapy with urban youth. Journal of Poetry Therapy, 24(4), 219-224. doi: 10.1080/08893675.2012.736182

  • Honors, Awards, and Grants


    2018-2019 Association for Humanistic Counseling Emerging Leader

    Outstanding Doctoral Student of the Year - Teachers College, Department of Health and Behavior Studies

    2016 New York State School Counselor of the Year


    Levy, I. (2018). Use of a community-based hip hop therapy program for socio-emotional development among urban

    youth. Joseph P. Healey Research Grant Program, University of Massachusetts Boston, $5,000 (funded).