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Group Tour FAQs

How long do tours typically last?

Tours typically last forty-five minutes to one hour. 

Are there public transportation options close to campus?

Our campus is conveniently located steps from the MTA 1 train subway stop, and close to several major highways with easy access to three international airports. No matter where you're coming from, it's easy to find us.

Is there parking available on or near campus?

Yes! Depending on your method of transportation, we will advise accordingly.

Is an information session part of the group tour?

We can accommodate a request for an Information Session with a Group Tour.   Information Sessions usually add about 30-45 minutes to the Group tour.  Our student ambassadors who lead the tour are very knowledgeable and involved and are happy to answer any questions during your tour.

If there is a question you would prefer to ask an admission officer after your tour, you may come back to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and ask to speak with an admission representative. 

Are there any COVID restrictions?

Visitors to campus are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, however, they should still take the Symptom Tracker to receive a green pass on the morning they arrive on campus.  Masks and/or testing may be required for specific large-scale events.  

How do I keep in contact after my visit?

We ask that all students register before their visit, so they can be kept informed of future events at Manhattan College! However, feel free to reach out to Lauren at or 718-862-8679 if you have any questions after your tour.