Graduate Assistantships

In order to help pay for school, some graduate students apply for an assistantship. Generally awarded to a student based on his or her academic program, graduate assistantships are part-time jobs working for a faculty member, department, or the College in general.

Though each assistantship at Manhattan College is different, there are two basic types:

  • Non-Research Assistantships: These are available on an annual basis and provide graduate students with developmental and professional opportunities, as well as financial support (in the form of tuition remission, plus a stipend depending on the assistantship awarded). Graduate Assistants are typically hired on a 9-month contract, work 20-30 hours/week, and cover 9 credits a semester (fall and spring only) with a maximum of 18 credits per calendar year.

  • Research Assistantships: Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) involve a full-tuition scholarship and a monthly stipend for 18–24 months. Students receiving GRAs will work on a dedicated research project with specific faculty members(s). GRAs are required to work 24 hours/week during school session, and 35 hours/week during winter intersession and summer. The number of available GRA positions will depend on research funding in the department and varies each year.