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Graduate Assistantships

In order to help pay for school, some graduate students apply for an assistantship. Generally awarded to a student based on his or her academic program, graduate assistantships are part-time jobs working for a faculty member, department, or the College in general. All graduate assistantships are administrative except through the School of Engineering, which are research-based.


  • Graduate Assistantships: These are available on an annual basis and provide graduate students with developmental and professional opportunities, as well as financial support (in the form of tuition remission, plus a stipend depending on the assistantship awarded). Graduate Assistants are typically hired on a 9-month contract, work 20-30 hours/week, and cover 9 credits a semester (fall and spring only) with a maximum of 18 credits per calendar year.

  • Research Assistantships: Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) involve a full-tuition scholarship and a monthly stipend for 18–24 months. Students receiving GRAs will work on a dedicated research project with specific faculty members(s). GRAs are required to work 24 hours/week during school session, and 35 hours/week during winter intersession and summer. The number of available GRA positions will depend on research funding in the department and varies each year.

Please note that graduate assistantship positions do not cover fees. You will still be responsible for paying applicable fees each semester. 

More Information

Learn more about available graduate assistantship positions and how to apply on the Office of Financial Aid Administration Website:

View Available Positions