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Our law programs offer students various workshops on legal issues in banking, publishing, government, and international relations. These programs offer the necessary skills and knowledge for all types of learners, from students seeking strategies for their own personal interests in the law to legal professionals seeking to advance their practice. The subjects in these workshops offer everything from the foundations of legal aspects to distinct programs, such as sexual harassment prevention to intellectual property rights.
  • Certificate in Negotiation

    This online certificate program helps learners develop the skills and strategies needed to become a successful negotiator.
  • Intellectual Property (IP)

    By the end of this program, you will have a solid understanding of IP law, making you an even greater asset to your team and organization.
  • Nonprofit Management

    Whether you run a nonprofit and need staff training, or plan to build your own skills, these courses in nonprofit management offer a comprehensive training program in topics from volunteer development and grant writing, to fundraising and budgeting. Give your team the tools to continue your selfless work with new skills and a renewed commitment to your mission.
  • Security Awareness

    Employee education is the best firewall. Having a security breach can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and your business. Our Security Awareness Training covers how to address common security challenges like phishing attacks, remote staff security, password protection, mobile device use, social media usage, and response and recovery plans.