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Youth Entrepreneurship Camp

Learning how to successfully run a business is an important skill for anyone to have. During this three week program, participants will develop a business venture starting with an idea and ending with an actual product or service. 

Participants will learn how to identify a problem, how to define a service audience, assess their competition, design a logo, and brand their company. Once their venture is finalized, participants will contact investors and present their projects to the public.

The program runs from Monday, July 6th to Friday, July 24th, 2020, from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm and camp serves 13 to 16 years old.

Program Overview

In week one, participants will discuss ideas and decide on the product or service their venture will focus on. This is the moment where participants will develop their branding, logo, identify their target audience and design a marketing strategy.

In week two, participants will search and secure suppliers, determine the price of their product, develop their MVP (minimal viable product), and draft their pitches, which will introduce their product or service to an audience.

In week three, participants will show their businesses to the community and learn how to run their companies after the program. During the last two days of camp, participants will introduce their project to the local community and will invite them to invest in their venture.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a typical day look like?

    After drop off, participants will start their day with an ice-breaker exercise that will bring energy and set the tone for the day. Participants gather in groups and start working on the objectives of the day. Participants will break for lunch, which is not included in the tuition and after lunch, they will regroup to continue working on their ventures as a team.

    How much does the camp cost?

    Please check our pricing on our website.

    Does the camp offer financial aid?

    We offer payment plans and early bird special discounts  

    Where is the camp located?

    We are located in Riverdale, west of Van Cortlandt Park. Our camp is conveniently located one and a half blocks away from the NYC subway (#1 train at 242nd Street), and close to several major highways. 

    What is security and safety like at camp?

    Manhattan College has 24/7 on-campus public safety and participants are always accompanied by a counselor at all times.

    Is housing available for participants?

    Housing will be provided for students who need it. Please check our website for pricing information.

    Can I cancel my registration?

    Registration fee is non-refundable. If you have paid for camp and for some reason you decide not to continue coming, please send us an email and we can discuss your personal situation. 

    Does the camp provide lunch and snacks?

    Participants are responsible to bring their own lunch, snacks and water bottle. 

Sample Schedule:

Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 am Drop off Drop off Drop off Drop off Drop off
10-11:45 am

1st week: Welcome and create groups

2nd week: Market research

3rd week: Pitch deck

1st week: Formulate ideas for company

2nd week: Find suppliers and pricing

3rd week: Finding suppliers

1st week: Leadership reasearch

2nd week: Price and orders

3rd week: Price and orders

1st week: Create a logo and company name

2nd week: Break-even

3rd week: Individual prep

1st week: Logo Creation Continue

2nd week: Research mentor

3rd week: Community fair

12-1pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1-1:45 pm

1st week: Product and service and decide on a company

2nd week: Prelaunch

3rd week: Work on a product

1st week: Target market expectations for course

2nd week: MVP

3rd week: Continue to work on products and begin presentations

1st week: work on pitch deck

2nd week: Quantity and cost

3rd week: Goals and 4-point system

1st week: Continue pitch deck and share logos with group

2nd week: Sales and channels

3rd week: Individual prep

1st week: Continue working on the group's logo

2nd week: Reach out to mentor

3rd week: Community fair

2 pm Individual group work and pitch practice Individual group work and pitch practice Individual group work and pitch practice Individual group work and pitch practice Individual group work and pitch practice
4 pm  Pickup Pickup Pickup Pickup Pickup


July 6th to July 24th, 2020
The program length is three weeks long.


Participants will be dropped off at 9:30 and be picked up at 4:00. 


Participants must bring their own lunch every day.

Camp Fees and Discounts

$50 Non-refundable registration fee (this fee cannot be added to weekly or other payments) Must be paid when registration is submitted at

Regular price: $900

Introductory price: $600

Available Discounts:

Manhattan College Employees/Alumni - $20 Discount per week

Second/Third Sibling Camper Enrolled - $20 Discount per week

**The registration deadline for the Youth Entrepreneurship Camp is May 29, 2020. ***Full tuition balance must be paid off by Friday, June 19th, 2020.

Homestay Housing (Optional) 

International campers accompanied by an adult are welcomed.
We provide homestay housing while your child participates in our camp if needed. The cost per week for one adult and one child is $650 and breakfast is included. Please contact us if your family is larger for customized pricing.

You and your child are placed at an American host family, who will welcome you to their home. The location of the host home is a couple of bus/train stops from Manhattan College.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please email